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Helping you manage and live a fulfilling career, we provide the following services.  Gaining strength in any of these areas is an investment in yourself and your future.

Job Search
When searching for another job, either as part of your career plan or due to downsizing, position elimination, etc., you face the challenges of developing an organized campaign, defining your goals, developing a marketing message and many additional tasks in order to be successful.  Where do you start?  Executive Resume Resource will bring greater effectiveness to your search by writing a high impact resume, designing a strategy for marketing your talents, coaching you in sharpening your performance and providing on-going support needed to maintain focus, objectivity and confidence.  Email us now to have a professional representative contact you.

Career Assessment
You are a talented person with many skills, experiences and achievements to your name.  Perhaps like most people you didn’t start your career with a plan, you were not sure of what you really wanted to do and now you find yourself asking : “What else is out there that I would really feel passionate about and could build my career around?”  Finding answers requires much thought, reflection and does not come easy.  Executive Resume Resource has guided many in their career choices and helped them develop a plan for successfully moving forward.  How can we assist you?  Request a confidential, exploratory phone consultation today.

An objective way of conducting a self assessment and gaining insight into your style and behavior is to take tests, surveys, profiles, etc. that have a measure of validity and reliability.  Although they will not give you definitive answers as to what you should do with your talents, they will provide information that can be helpful when discussed with a professional coach.  Executive Resume Resource is prepared to assist you with your testing needs.  Contact us today to learn more.

An essential ingredient for managing your career and conducting a job search is a resume that reflects your skills and achievements while projecting what you can do in another role, another job or another company.  You have probably written your own resume once or twice and perhaps it got you by, however, as you climb the corporate ladder you need a more sophisticated document that is professionally written to highlight your many achievements.  Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can do this on your own.  There is too much at risk.  Executive Resume Resource will conduct a complimentary critique of your resume at your request.  If you select us to personally tailor your resume, a professional with 10+ years of experience will work with you.

Cover Letters
Complementary to the resume is a concise cover letter that compels the reader to review your resume.  The cover letter should be easily read in roughly a minute and yet be filled with enough information to project a strong picture of your value.  This document goes hand in hand with the resume and is part of a our executive resume package.

Interviewing Skills
Interviewing is a skill and is not to be faced casually with the attitude of “just get me in front of someone and I’ll sell myself."  There are many things to consider: the overall context of the position, the company, the interviewers, their style, group interviews as well as one-on-one interviews, where the interview is to be conducted, the duration of the interview, and many additional aspects.  In other words, it requires significant preparation and sharpening of your interpersonal communication skills.  Those at the top of their game know that a professional coach is critical to their success.  Executive Resume Resource can prepare you to be "at the top of your game when interviewing.

Interviewing Questions
What questions will you be asked in the interview?  Can you really prepare for the unknown?
It seems prudent to anticipate and prepare for likely interview questions.  It is not a matter of trying to design the perfect answer, nor to memorize answers but to think through your core message and weave it into your response.  It is being able to express yourself in an organized, concise and cogent fashion.  Executive Resume Resource will prepare you to interview with confidence and energy.

All of us have had coaches, teachers, mentors and other friendly support systems in our lives.  Coaches are invaluable when facing new and critical situations, such as a job search.  They have the knowledge, experience and objectivity to help market your talents, guide you and bring greater efficiency and effectiveness to your search.  Executive Resume Resource helps you compete with the knowledge that you are well prepared and the confidence to assert yourself.

Wouldn’t it be valuable to practice with a professional prior to a big interview?  Wouldn’t it be nice to organize and verbally articulate your thoughts with a coach giving support and feedback.  Wouldn’t it benefit you to have someone to help you wordsmith a stronger, more convincing response to likely interview questions?  Executive Resume Resource provides the opportunity to rehearse a number of questions and scenarios in advance of interviewing.  This can give you a distinct advantage.

Handling Objections
There will always be a few objections or concerns raised when interviewing.  What are the likely objections you will face?  How will you respond?  Will the interviewer accept it?  Will you dig a deeper hole?  Handling objections can be tricky.  You need to understand what the real concern is, and whether the interviewer has a true concern or is just testing your temperament and ability to think on your feet.   Executive Resume Resource can prepare you to anticipate objections, think through a logical and acceptable response and handle objections with confidence.

In sales, the person who fails to close is not selling but only informing.  The same is true of interviewing.  You must periodically tie things down and close the discussion.  By gaining such affirmations you will move the interview closer to an offer.  Executive Resume Resource will help you understand the dynamics of closing, assist you in designing appropriate responses, and provide a forum for practicing your closing skills.

Salary Discussion
Sooner or later you will be asked about salary or compensation.  It might be asked in a dozen different ways but always requires caution on your part not to reveal too much and loose leverage.  So how do you respond?  It is best if you don’t; but often you will be forced to say something.  Try to push the question aside, or give a broad response.  The best response will differ from one person to the next.  Executive Resume Resource can help you control this delicate part of the interview and give you further leverage for later negotiations.

Job Offer Negotiations
This is the target you have been aiming at---getting the offer.  Now what?  How do you show interest without giving away leverage?  How do you push for more without seeming greedy?  Could you ask for too much and loose the offer?  This is the most difficult part of a job search, that is, not “leaving dollars on the table” when negotiating.  Even seasoned negotiators find themselves a bit uncomfortable when negotiating their personal compensation.  Executive Resume Resource can give you an understanding of what is fair and competitive, help you to design strategies, practice tactical responses with you and then guide you at each step of the negotiations. 

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